Synthetic Digestible Gateway — blog 7 — 1.7.22

What I do. 

Teachers don’t really create. At best we are creative. Teachers explain what others have created. It’s less glamorous but still important. In some respects, this work is more important than the creator’s. For without teachers, how would anyone know about the creations? The creator's strength is creation not the explanation of creation. For the creator to spend time explaining, would be time taken from creation. Nonetheless, explainers want to be creators, but creators do not want to be explainers. Alas. I am an explainer, but I try to do so as creatively as possible.

Synthetic Digestible Gateway

Synthetic. When I'm at my best as an explainer, I am simply synthesizing. I’m not evaluating. My opinion does not matter for I am not the creator, just an objective computer program simply breaking down the creator's product.

Digestible. The synthesized product is to be broken down in a way that can be understood. This is where creativity — not creation — takes place. How do you preserve the creator's product but package it in an accessible format. What must be cut? What must be added? This is high science. This is alchemy.

Gateway. If the first two are done correctly, then this is the result. The easily absorbed creation unlocks the mind of the consumer. A gateway has been opened. 

Teachers are nothing more than advertising executives. We sell someone’s product. Whether it’s long division or the Treaty of Westphalia. We have to sell it. 

Some teachers take advantage of their monopolized economy. Why bother with a clever jingle when you're the only agent selling the Krebs Cycle. If the kids don’t buy it, it’s their loss. The Krebs Cycle does not need a stylized logo. There will not be a picture of a crab on a bicycle in this classroom, even if it was drawn by famed Far Side creator Gary Larson, and it’s signed, with a COA and a Gem Mint 10 Grade.

These are fair points. Many people do not have a creative bone in their body. Many of those people fall into teaching. They should just explain. That’s okay. That’s fine. Not everyone can sell. Not everyone can close. 

But there are closers. And they can be more powerful than creators. The closers pick the creators that they want to trumpet. This is the future. Technology has ushered in the next phase of education. We no longer need millions of teachers or explainers — just a hundred closers.

Make no mistake. This will happen. The next generation will not be influenced by a teacher in their community. It will be by  the handful of teachers that have embraced their role as a synthetic digestible gateway dispenser. They are delivering pills. But will they be blue or red?